Reducing friction is a huge concern in most exercises of machinery and there is now a new process that is becoming popularized that will do just that and more. Thermal coating is another process that can now be done on certain machines. It can help improve heat transfer and make the machine more durable as a whole.

Coating of cylinder bores

Thermal coating of cylinder running surfaces is already introduced into some series applications at various automobile manufacturers, coatings that are applied to reduce friction, increase durability, add corrosion-resistance, improve heat transfer (especially important in small turbo engines.

To improve the efficiency and reliability of the entire process chain MAG is cooperating with the Sturm group to add inspection, coating, and cleaning functions to the cylinder production sequence. The entire process can be conducted from a turnkey source, and the individual process steps can be adjusted according to customer requirements.

Surface preparation prior to coating can be done mechanically on a Specht HMC. After coating, the “finish machining” of the cylinder bores can take place on the MAG machining center, either by fine boring or rough honing. Finish honing of coated cylinder bores also is possible on the Specht.

The two-spindle Specht 500 DUO+ machining center is adapted to such installation. Full flexibility with five-axis machining, with a pallet changer for run-time parallel loading, and high productivity through reduced chip-to-chip times by dynamic magazine discs, make it a fully developed application.