Only a few short years ago, so many different aspects of business were done in such a way that many people today may not even be able to recognize older business practices. Logistics and manufacturing are two industries that have been completely revolutionized by technology, leaving those in charge in a Catch 22 of how to stay relevant.


Thursday, December 10, 2015 . Foxborough, MA

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Technology is fundamentally changing the world around us in ways we never thought possible, including the way everyday items are designed and brought to market. A truly integrated and imaginative design process is required to compete in this new world. This event will explore how you can incorporate new strategies and solutions for success and how an integrated product development platform helps companies work smarter. Sean Manzanares, a Senior Industry Manager for Autodesk, will discuss the trends and technology that are changing the Future of Making Things.

After the keynote address, participants will enjoy a networking lunch, and presentations on technologies that play a crucial role in developing an integrated product delivery platform. The event will conclude with an exclusive tour of the stadium and prize drawings from the Pro Shop.