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The below article takes a look at some of the basic fundamentals of CNC operation. By educating more people about the joys of CNC operation we can build the industry. By providing top level customer service Ellison Machinery sets the bar for Arizona CNC service and education.

The first benefit offered by all forms of CNC machine tools is
improved automation. The operator intervention related to producing
workpieces can be reduced or eliminated. Many CNC machines can run
unattended during their entire machining cycle, freeing the operator to
do other tasks. This gives the CNC user several side benefits including
reduced operator fatigue, fewer mistakes caused by human error, and
consistent and predictable machining time for each workpiece. Since the
machine will be running under program control, the skill level required
of the CNC operator (related to basic machining practice) is also
reduced as compared to a machinist producing workpieces with
conventional machine tools.

The second major benefit of CNC technology is consistent and
accurate workpieces. Today’s CNC machines boast almost unbelievable
accuracy and repeatibility specifications. This means that once a
program is verified, two, ten, or one thousand identical workpieces can
be easily produced with precision and consistency.

A third benefit offered by most forms of CNC machine tools is
flexibility. Since these machines are run from programs, running a
different workpiece is almost as easy as loading a different program.
Once a program has been verified and executed for one production run,
it can be easily recalled the next time the workpiece is to be run.
This leads to yet another benefit, fast change-overs.

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