Most CNC operators will agree that having as many tools as you can possibly have in your proverbial tool box is almost essential to producing an amazing end product.The one tool that many may over look is that light box in your pocket that has seemingly seeped its way into more and more aspects of our lives!.

This article marks the mobile applications viability in the CNC industry and community. Let’s see what some of these apps can do!

Seems like every pocket these days has a smart phone in it. 
Machinists are no exception.  Here’s our short list of recommended
Android apps for machinists in no particular order:

Machinist's CalculatorHobby Machinist Calculator
Developer: My Hobby

The strength of this app is it’s simplicity.  It has simple
calculations for milling, turning and a handy scrolling tap drill
chart.  The navigation needs a little bit of tweaking though.  For
example, filling out one field and pressing the “next” button takes you
to a totally unrelated field.  We’re hoping an update would fix this
along with adding a metric tap chart.  Overall, not a bad app for a
first time developer. Download it here

Machinists AppFeeds and Speeds for Milling
Developer: CamUser

The title says it all, but dig deeper and the nice thing about this
app is the ability to save your machine’s max RPM, max IPM and max HP. 
With this information stored, simply plug in some details about your
cutter and the type of material you want to cut and the app figures out
your starting figures for RPM, feedrate, radial and axial DoC and
required HP.   It’s up to you to verify and tweak the numbers for your
application.  Overall, very nice app.  Here’s a link to the free version, but the pro version is definitely worth the $1.99.

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