You can never know too much about CNC machines to optimize production and quality. This new guide to making CNC parts is extremely useful and detailed covering everything from designing to proofing. After you explore all parts of this guide you will be able to conquer anything build thrown your way!

Step by step guide to making CNC parts for beginners

You’ve got a vision for a part you want to make…

You’ve got a vision for a part you want to make.  You’ve been lusting after your own CNC Machine for a long time.  You just want to put the two together, but try as you might, there’s no map to guide you.  No article or book has put it all together, given  you the information you need, and made it easy to understand.

Today we’re launching one of our most important new guides ever.  It’s a resource that I searched for in vain when I was learning CNC and one that many have emailed me to ask for over the years.  I call it the Beginner’s Step-By-Step Guide to Making CNC Parts.

It’s the most comprehensive guide to making CNC Parts available anywhere online.  With this guide you’ll finally see how everything fits together and what all the steps are from design to finishing to make a CNC Part.  You’ll be given access to materials that let you drill down on ever greater detail to your heart’s content, with lots of pictures too.

There are over a dozen sub-articles totaling almost 40,000 words, and it’s been my secret labor of love for the past 6 weeks.  I’m finally glad to be getting it out there to you, although I’ll probably continue adding to it for some time.  In a nutshell, this guide takes you on a step-by-step interactive infographic tour of everything it takes to make a CNC part from CAD design through Finishing with techniques such as Anodizing and Powder Coating.  Interactive drilldown features let you fly high to capture a broad bird’s eye view of how the pieces fit together and then drilldown on demand into the details you’re most interested in.

There are 9 major sections to the Guide (9 steps to making a CNC part, in other words):

  1. Designing an Idealized Part:  It all starts with the part design in CAD.
  2. Modify Design for Manufacturing Needs:  Learn to optimize your part design so it is cheaper and easier to manufacture.
  3. CNC Programming:  Includes sections on CAM, Conversational CNC, and Hand Written G-Code Programming
  4. Simulation:  Learn how to reduce the overhead of Dry Running your Part Program with Simulation.
  5. Machine Setup:  What are all the things that must be done to get your CNC Machine ready to run your part?
  6. Program Proofing:  How do you “Cut Air” and make sure your program isn’t going to crash?
  7. Machine the Part:  Time to make some chips!
  8. Quality Control:  Is everything in tolerance?  What do I do if it isn’t?
  9.  Finishing:  Anodizing, plating, powder coat, bead blasting, vibratory polishing, and much more.

Every aspect of the CNC process is covered, and each one is a drill down to a deeper step-by-step guide.  Each section tells you clearly what Deliverable will be produced during that section, and provides you with Resources (links to even more in-depth articles on that topic) and Tips to help you be a Better CNC’er.  So go ahead, check out the Beginner’s Step-By-Step Guide to Making CNC Parts.  I hope you like it.

Do me two favors if you can.  We spend a lot of time making Free Guides for CNC’ers.  We’ve put a lot of information out there for you.  I need your help to make these Guides the best that they can be.  Go through this latest one and send me any ideas you have to make it better via email. I may not have time to respond to them all, but I read every single email I receive and I act on many of them.  Second, help us get the word out so more can benefit.  Share this new Guide on Social Media like Facebook and Twitter.  Link to it if you have a web site.  Talk about it in the online forums.  We want everyone to benefit that can, and they won’t benefit if they can’t find it.

Share what you think of the Beginner’s Step-By-Step Guide to Making CNC Parts in the comments below.

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