Want to give loved ones great gifts this holiday season, but don’t want to break the bank? Think about putting your CNC machine to use! If you think this idea is crazy just read the article below. You can create a wide variety of items with a CNC machine that will be sure to wow your family and friends because the items are unique and made with love!

Spinning Pocket Lint Fidgeters of Doom!

That’s sort of what this latest installment in my CNC gift idea series is about.  We started out with jewelry, moved to outdoor gifts, and for something really unusual.  The non-tactical EDC-thing is a nod to the idea that these are Everyday Carry Items, they just don’t have much tactical use.  Although I suppose you could put someone’s eye out with one if you were careless enough.  And a well-balanced yoyo in the hands of a master is nothing to be trifled with.  Mostly, these things are what an old acquaintance used to call “Woobies.”

His desk was covered in them when he worked for me at my first startup company.  I asked him what it all was, and he said, “Bob, these are my Woobies.”  Of course I couldn’t resist and he was obviously waiting expecting for my inevitable, “What’s a Woobie?”  The answer, as it turned out, was that Woobies are curiousities that catch the eye and start casual conversations.

I think it’s fair to say that all of these things fall into that category.  In addition, they’re all things that CNC, or even manual machining, is well-suited to making.

12 Fidget Spinners (Fidgeters)

Apollo, one of the founders over at Carbide3D, recently asked me if I had become aware that spinners were “a thing.”  Of course not being nearly as hip (he’s a designer, after all), I wasn’t.  But he did arouse my curiousity so that I started pinning a few spinners to CNCCookbook’s Pinterest boards.  I use these boards as scrapbooks to gather images as idea scrapbooks.