It is truly amazing what some people can come up with when given a CNC router and enough free time to imagine and build out something stunning. While most of us could think of some pretty useful applications to use CNC routing, it takes a truly creative minds to do some of things you are about to see in this article! We would hae to say that the CNC tattoo machine is probably the coolest CNC human interaction we have ever seen! 

Best of the Blog – CNC routing

Overshadowed somewhat in recent years by laser cutting and 3D
printing, CNC routing remains a fabrication technology with enormous
potential. It can be used with more materials than 3D printing and
creates 3D shapes more easily than laser cutting. These ten examples
show this technique at its best.

#10 Giant CNC’d Scrabble

What do you do when there is a giant CNC mill just waiting to be
used? Giant Scrabble of course. This enormous board game was made by
those clever students at MIT.

#9 CNC routing helps surfing become more sustainable

Considering the reputation of surfers as, how do I put this,
“natural,” it is somewhat surprising that surfboards are generally made
from resins, foam, and fiberglass. I would be hard-pressed to come up
with less environmentally-friendly materials. This project is trying to
change that with CNC milled fast-growth timber and bamboo.

#8 Brilliant new multi-material desks from Because We Can

These desks show off the potential of digital fabrication for
ornamentation admirably. The designs are CNC milled into the surface and
then filled with contrasting resin to create the elaborate shapes.

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