Multi-Axis Turning Centers

Multi-Axis Turning Centers

DMG MORI Multi-axis turning centers are a fusion of turning and milling functions as well as simultaneous 5-axis control and turning functionality. Now start-to-finish machining is possible from the raw materials all the way through to the finished product -without repeated setup -thanks to these multi-axis turning centers. These integrated-process machines can flexibly adapt to different workpiece types and production volumes.

Below we've included some information on the multi-axis turning centers that are most popular with Ellison Machinery customers. For information on the full line of DMG MORI multi-axis turning centers please visit the DMG MORI Website!

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The ultimate integrated mill turn center surpasses the individual machining abilities of machining centers and CNC lathes. It offers increased productivity and superior process integration, thanks to its cutting-edge technology. 


The structure with up to 3 turrets and 2 spindles offers high-efficiency machining. Outstanding milling ability with the BMT™ (Built­ in Motor Turret). This multi-axis turning center is ideal for process integration of mass-production workpieces.


The world's strongest, fastest 5­axis machine, with Mori Seiki's original technologies. DCG® (Driven at the Center of Gravity) and DDM (Direct Drive Motor) offer outstanding high speed and high precision.